Hymns for Relaxation and Lullabies

Lyrical music with uplifting truths.



Elissa Savov

Hello! Welcome to ElissaSavov.com! I have had a life-long love for singing and I can’t wait to share my story and music with you.

Singing in a mirror as a little girl turned into singing in Christmas musicals at church, high school musicals, honor choirs, college operas and recitals, solos with community choirs, and much more.  And while I’ve sung so many things and in so many places over the years the one thing every opportunity has had in common is its purpose to glorify God. I do not take any credit for my voice. It is a gift from God that I want to use to demonstrate how glorious He is every time I sing!

I’m excited to release my first CD and to share my story with you! May you be encouraged and blessed!

Elissa Savov's

New Release

“More Secure Is No One Ever” is a collection of beautiful hymns turned into lyrical and lush arrangements that accompany Elissa Savov’s gorgeous coloratura soprano voice. It is perfect for relaxing, meditating, and lulling a little one to sleep.

Although out of vogue, hymn writers expressed such rich, deep emotions and theological truths that Elissa wants to share with others. She sings with expression and feeling and wants every listener, from the very old to the newborn, to feel God’s love and comfort through these songs.

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