20+ Music Albums for Christian Kids

Are you looking for some great Christian music for your kids to listen to? Then you’ve come to the right post! I’d love to share my family’s favorite Christian music collections for kids and families.

As someone eloquent put it, “Music is the language of the soul.” I think that’s a pretty good description. Music can touch and express our souls and emotions in a ethereal way. Music comes from God, and is, really, heavenly.

There is constantly singing before God on His throne and His return will be accompanied by instrumental fanfare. I think as His image-bearers we respond to and create music as well.

So, as parents, we want some good “soul language” speaking to our children, and to us, too, because we have souls in hearing distance. I want to share some music for kids, that will encourage them in the Lord, teach them Biblical truths, and create an uplifting home or traveling environment.

These are all extremely fun!!!

Steve Green’s Hide ‘Em In Your Heart Volumes 1 and 2

Steve Green turned Scripture verses into delightfully sweet and memorable songs that he sings with kids. When you listen to these you’re listening to Scripture and it’s SO EASY to memorize.

My kids (and I too!) know so many verses that we will never forget because of these songs.

The Donut Man – Bible Songs Vol. 1, Bible Songs Vol 2

These volumes contain really fun, upbeat music based on Scripture verses or Bible stories. They are memorable and very lively. It’s hard not to start dancing along with them.

I like that the songs represent several styles, genres, and even cultures of music, all while teaching wonderful Bible truths. These are truly great songs for the whole family.

I also recommend other Donut Man CDs too. We also enjoy “King of Kings,” which features songs about kings all throughout the Bible and emphasizes worshiping Jesus, the King of Kings!

Patch the Pirate

These CD’s are stories with awesome musical numbers. Each story is an exciting adventure with Patch the Pirate and his crew that teaches great theological truths.

Some are silly ditties that are fun to sing along, and others are packed full of Scriptural truth that even adults find edifying and inspiring. Each adventure is exciting, humorous, and character building.

Our kids just LOVE them. And, I love hearing them going around singing, “Here am I Lord, send me…” and pretending to fight the villains in the stories.

Some of our favorites include:

Wee Sing Bible Songs

Of course, this is a staple for kids to learn all of the famous, classic Sunday School songs. It does make a soothing accompaniment to your day while teaching Bible stories and character qualities.

More Secure Is No One Ever

More Secure Is No One Ever is my first released CD and features wonderful, theologically rich hymns focused on God’s love for His children.

I want my kids to know these beautiful songs and to sing them in the heard times they will face someday.

The music is soothing, relaxing and inspiring. Put it on when you want to lull the baby to sleep, during quiet play time, or just to create a peaceful atmosphere.

There’s some solely instrumental music I recommend for kids too. While listening to sound words and teaching in song is wonderful, sometimes just music alone is what the soul (or my crazy day) needs.

I like playing classical music for its mentally-maturing stimulation.

The Mozart Effect for Babies Vol. 2

The creators of this CD just did an amazing job choosing Mozart pieces and performing them in a light, calming way. The instrumentation in these is diverse, unique and so appropriate to lulling and calming baby.

The intent is to build baby’s brain by listening to Mozart. Well, what can I say? We played this over and over again for our first baby and she’s brilliant! 🙂

Try out the other Mozart Effect albums too!

Hooked on Classics

This collection is a wonderful medley of all sorts of classical music put to a fun, invigorating beat. It’s a great way to introduce your children to classical music.

If someone thinks Classical is boring they need to hear these! These really set a joyful, motivating mood. I grew up on these and have fond memories of my sisters’ and my dancing competitions.

Knowing these also proved extremely helpful for the listening tests in college because I had been exposed to so many classical numbers.

I would recommend the entire Hooked on Classics set. You won’t be sorry!

Relaxing Piano Music

I really enjoy Jim McDonough’s pieces, the O’Neill Brothers and David Nevue. Piano music cascading in the background is so peaceful. A squabble-prone environment really does change when I turn on some peaceful music.

What are your favorites?

There are undoubtedly hundreds and thousands of other good options out there for your children’s listening pleasure. I will never be able to find them all, but these I can recommend to your family whole-heartedly because of the way they have blessed and impacted mine!

What are some of your favorite music choices for children? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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